Spanish Residency

We do the hard work for you. 

Spanish residency

Obtaining your residency in Spain can be done for you. If you do not speak fluent Spanish, you are unsure of the paperwork needed to obtain your Spanish residency, or, you just do not want the hassle of doing this yourself then we will do the heavy lifting for you. 

We put everything together for you, we attend the police station with you and we get you your new green Spanish residency card. This takes away the hassle of dealing with this yourself and is not an expensive service. Please message us. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to go to the police station for Spanish residency?

No, you need to be at the police station physically to obtain your Spanish residency application. Don’t worry we will go with you. 100% success rate. 

What paperwork will I need for Spanish residency?

Passport, driving license, and whatever paperwork we tell you to bring on the day, please contact us. 

will this make me liable for taxes in spain?

Yes, as you are now a resident of Spain you are expected to pay your taxes to the Spanish government. should you wish info on tax planning please contact us. 

How much does it cost for Spanish residency ?

After Brexit for UK residents this will now be determined on a case by case basis.   please make an enquiry and we will advise on what is involved at the costs. 

Can my residency be refused?

Yes, but at present we have a 100% success rate with Spanish residency applications. So we feel pretty confident. 



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Pre Brexit obtaining residency was a relatively straight forward process. Unfortunately, no any more.  Thigs have changed has as the process for get residency in Spain. There are now more hoops to jump through and more paperwork and funds needed to be granted a residency permit in Spain. 

We put everything together for you, and do it for you, Residency in Spain does not have to be a pain in the preverbal. We have done literally hundreds of residency applications and we are happy to quote the cost free to do everything for you. Leave the heavy lifting to us. 

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