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Obtaining an NIE Number in Spain.

NIE Numbers Costa del sol

Getting an NIE Number is Spain is not the hardest thing to do. In Spain you require an NIE number for pretty much everything. Setting up any kind of bill, bank accounts, mobile phone contracts, buying Spanish property. All need a Spanish NIE Number. 

We put everything together for you, we attend the police station with you and we get you your new green Spanish residency card. This takes away the hassle of dealing with this yourself and is not an expensive service. Please message us. NIE number. It’s the first step to integrating in to Spanish life. 


Frequently Asked Questions nie numbers

Can I get an NIE Number from abroad?

No, you need to be at the police station physically to obtain your NIE number. Don’t worry we will go with you. 100% success rate. 

What paperwork will I need?

Passport, driving license, and any other info we tell you to bring on the day. 

Can my NIE Number be refused?

Yes, however this is so unlikely that we are 100% you will get the NIE number issued. We have a 100% record as it stands. 

How much does it cost?

We charge €90 all in to obtain you your NIE number. 

will you attend the police station with us?

Yes, and we will arrange the appointment. You be there and we will then deal with the process yo get your NIE number. 

Do you also do residency

Yes, please click here to see the Spanish residency page. 

Can I Ask You for Advice?

Of course, use the many ways on our website to contact us. We are here to help with anything at all Spain related. 

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